2022-2023 / Circumnavigated Australia with my family.

Adventure is about embracing the thrill of the unknown, stepping into the uncharted with curiosity and courage. It's a journey that unfolds outside comfort zones, where every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth.

True adventure lies in the freedom to explore, discover, and learn about the world and oneself. When I dive into the unknown with an open heart, I invite excitement, passion, and a sense of purpose into my life.

Adventure is the heartbeat of a life well-lived, where each new experience adds a vibrant chapter to the story of who you are.

The sparkle in your eyes which shows up when you do, what you love, becomes a starting point to a grand carnival of your life.”

Hiral Nagda


Set a Guinness World Record - I’ll look back at this day and smile because it was life and I decided to live it.

Determination is the unwavering commitment to achieving my goals, fueled by resilience and perseverance. It's the inner drive that propels me forward, even in the face of challenges. With determination, obstacles become stepping stones, and setbacks transform into opportunities for growth.

Determination is the force that turns aspirations into achievements, making the journey towards the goals a testament to my strength and dedication.


“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken”. Oscar Wilde

Authenticity is embracing my true self, being genuine in actions, and staying true to my values. It's the courage to be real, accepting both strengths and flaws. Living authentically fosters trust, personal growth, and meaningful connections with others.

It's the key to a fulfilling life aligned with my true essence.


I'm on a mission to be the best freediving coach in the world.

From my early days as a competitive swimmer in Slovakia to chasing my dream of an ocean lifestyle in Australia at 19, I've always opted for a life filled with adventure, where the ocean has remained my constant companion.

My journey took an unexpected turn in 2009 when, struggling with scuba equalization, I discovered freediving. Since then, I've never looked back, leaving scuba tanks behind.

In 2016, I became one of Australia's first freediving instructors under the guidance of World Champion Erez Beatus.

Fueled by a burning desire to see how far I can dive on a single breath, I sought mentorship from the renowned "Coach of the Champions," Martin Zajac. Amidst Covid lockdowns, I unearthed unconventional training methods, achieving personal best dives in all pool disciplined and deepened my understanding of mental training.

In November 2023 I set a new Guinness World Record by completing 101 x 25m laps of underwater breaststroke (DNF - Dynamic No Fins) under one hour. My freediving journey continues to evolve as I plan to dive deep into Egypt’s Blue Hole in May 2024.

Dare to dream, work hard and what’s impossible today, tomorrow may become a reality

Michaela Werner

Year Freediving Timeline
2009 Discovered Freediving
2010 Organised the first Freediving pool Competition in Australia
2016 Became Freediving Instructor
2023 Became AIDA Judge
2023 Became Guinness WR Holder (Greatest Distance Underwater Swimming in 1h)


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25m laps / 1 hour 101 x 25m DNF
Horizontal distance with no fins 150m DNF
Horizontal distance with monofin 200m DYN
Horizontal distance with bifins 175m DYNB
Static breath hold 6:08 STA


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15. July 2023

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.

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