competitions Nov 17, 2023

We did it! 🥇

On a rainy Friday morning, after just four hours of restless sleep, the journey to a Guinness World Record unfolded. Surrounded by the chaos of energetic kids and the unwavering support of my incredible husband and superwoman freediver Jordy, the stage was set. A quick drive to the pool, a profound moment with Joe, and the soundtrack of Sia's "Unstoppable" in my ears. The countdown began, and with determination, I dove into 100 laps of a world record attempt. The physical effort was moderate, but the mental strength and gratitude carried me through

Despite encountering CO2 headaches and navigating through a moment of miscommunication, the focus and resilience prevailed. We surpassed expectations.

The celebration that followed, with hugs, interviews, and the whirlwind of emotions, painted the picture of a triumphant moment.

Now, fueled by this significant accomplishment, my eagerness to share knowledge and passion for freediving has found an outlet through online courses and coaching. The horizon beckons with the promise of the next adventure — a deep dive into Egypt's Blue Hole. As wisely articulated by my coach Martin, the ocean's depth far surpasses that of the pool - I can’t wait to find out!